Physical Design Training at Qsocs in Bangalore


QSOCS offers a Very-large-scale integration (VLSI) which is the process of creating an integrated circuit by combining millions of transistors into a single chip for a specific set of functions. Physical Design is the back-end activity of a chip design which involves essentials of basic digital design, CMOS fundamentals, Place & route flow, STA and timing closure, SI analysis, low power design techniques, Physical verification, RC extraction, Power analysis DFM/DFY and related topics. The course always begins with precondition courses in Unix OS, Programming & scripting languages. There are some class assignments, Labs that are realistic to understand the concepts better and get an overview of the design requirements.


  • Classes are taken by working professionals from the industry.
  • Hands-on employment using latest manufacturing accepted EDA tools.
  • There are some projects on the multimillion gate in 40nm and lower nodes.
  • Full chip level and Low power implementation.
  • 100% placement assistance.
  • Real-time projects and methodology development.
  • Best assignments planned by the practiced team to meet the industry requirements.

QSOCS offers various physical designs training in Bangalore with different courses-

  • Synthesis sign-off STA and LEC
  • CMOS analog circuit design
  • Analog layout design
  • Physical verification

By getting the best training in Bangalore, there are many students who have passed out and now are credible physical design engineer in Bangalore.

The microprocessor is basically the manufactured goods of VLSI. The ability to have ROM, RAM, CPU and other logic on a solitary chip is something that was inconceivable until VLSI technology in the 1970s. As these microprocessors became more multifaceted, the designers have been riddled with many challenges. Here are some of them. With the rise in lesser chips and transistors, it has become more and more difficult for designers. The design rules for the explanation are becoming stricter, and designers have to keep all this in mind while creating the plan for a circuit. Due to the utter difficulty, custom layouts are fetching increasingly rare. Most of the well-known intend houses are moving towards EDA or Electronic Design Automation. As a result, the design process is robotic and also is a supplementary cost-effective option.

QSOCS is the best and top VLSI training institute in Bangalore. We have created a desirable reputation in VLSI designing Training Institute supported out of Bangalore. We offer business standard, high quality, rationally priced training to graduates spanning to make the vocation in VLSI/CHIP designing. We help to engineer students to arrive at their dreams in the extremely challenging field of IC designing.

QSOCS VLSI has the industry’s best VLSI designing training nationwide curriculum which mainly focuses on the highly hard areas to help the students to get the jobs rapidly. Our vision is to create a high-quality pool of VLSI Engineers by giving practical production level training to students. We are covering the presented gap between industry obligation and exposure of students.

Apart from sharing our rigid made knowledge in this field, we are intense to give our students multiple sittings from engineering experts, method specialists, design wild and soft skill developers during all the expert courses we offer. A standing job and attractive payments are each and everyone’s aspiration. Luckily the semiconductor hard work is well- known for both.