Knowledge Sharing Programs


Hourly based


1 - 3 hrs Based on Assignments


As per requirement.

Knowledge sharing in the Colleges/universities has evolved over time. From an early emphasis on capturing and organizing knowledge, its focus now is on adopting, adapting, and applying knowledge in a way that helps students to work more effectively. We enable exchange of knowledge, interpretation and synthesis, and that identify strategies and actions for building demand-driven knowledge systems. Expanding the scope and availability of training opportunities to more effectively engage scientists and other professionals in the development and application of innovative tools, methods and approaches targeted at a wide range of decision makers. We promote opportunities to consolidate and synthesize climate information that resides in the grey literature.

Key Features

  • Structured to give an overview of the subject.
  • Fully customizable modules.
  • Conducted by working professionals from industry.
  • Each session followed by a detailed Q&A session.
Our Areas of Expertise
Verification Workshops
  • Universal Verification Methodology (UVM).
  • Coverage Driven Verification with SystemVerilog.
  • Advanced Low Power Design and Implementation
  • System on Chip Verification Techniques.
Protocol Workshops
  • Serial Bus Protocols - USB2.0, USB3.0, SATA, PCIe
  • Memory Protocols - DDR2, DDR3, ONFI
  • Onchip Protocols - AHB, AXI
  • Networking Protocols - Ethernet, TCP/IP, WAP
Soft Skill Development Workshops
  • Personality Development Programs.
  • Corporate Communication Programs.
  • Human Recourses Management Program.

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