Placement Updates

QSoCs VLSI training is on a journey towards excellence with the exceptional infrastructure and faculties who has years of experience from top notch companies. The institute remains focused on a set of objectives and realizes it through effective professional collaboration. QSoCs assists the students to fulfill their dreams by providing quality education with challenging placement training including mock interviews, Aptitude training and CV preparation as per the requirements of the companies.

With intensive placement training and grooming for soft skills by experts in the field to face the competitive world ahead, QSoCs will be a favored destination for many national and international companies to recruit upcoming talents with fresh thoughts. As talks with major semiconductor companies and agencies are progressing on a positive note, we guarantee interviews and referrals from the most coveted corporates and companies, offering an attractive pay package on par with international standards.

We make it a point that the toppers of each batch will be granted extended internship to polish them so as to make them capable of delivering the best of their potential in this field, where shortage of skilled candidates is a major concern. Our commitment in training our students with hands-on experience in most of the industry standard protocols makes us the most preferred destination for those seeking quality training in VLSI.

  • 1. S.Chaitanya Kumar Reddy, Physical Design Engineer, Bangalore Semiconductors
  • 2. Pramod, Engineer Trainee, Cadence
  • 3. Jaimin Dholariya, Physical Design Engineer, Eximus Design
  • 4. Ramakrishna Reddy, Physical Design Engineer, Juntran Technologies
  • 5. Mahesh P, Physical Design Engineer, Ambit Semiconductors
  • 6. Nagarjuna, Physical Design Engineer, Juntran Technologies
  • 7. Satheesh Reddy, Physical Design Engineer, Juntran Technologies
  • 8. Praveen Kumar K, Physical Design Engineer, Juntran Technologies
  • 9. K.Veena, Verification Engineer, Juntran Technologies
  • 10. Mahesh Babu Nagishetty, Physical Design Engineer, Bangalore Semiconductors
  • 11. Charan T, Design Verification Engineer, Open-Silicon
  • 12. Roopa Reddy, Design Verification Engineer, Cientra
  • 13. Indumathi, Design Verification Engineer, Cerium Systems
  • 14. A Madhava Reddy, Design Verification Engineer, QSoCs Technologies
  • 15. Madhusri Mandapati, Design Verification Engineer, Smart Soc Solutions
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