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QSoCs is a joint venture by a group of high spirited professionals who have collectively more than 50 years of experience in semiconductor industry. The motto behind this initiative is to make the cutting edge technologies and the unlimited career opportunities of the semiconductor industry easily accessible to the emerging generation in India.

The biggest challenge for the Indian semiconductor industry is the shortage of skilled and gifted professionals. This is even an obstacle for the tier-1 semiconductor majors in the world who are interested in executing their core projects in India. Researches and studies confirms a huge gap between the demand and supply of skilled labor force in Indian semiconductor industry.

Unlike the software industry, the semiconductor industry needs Electronics engineers with specialized skills. Though we have many Electronics engineering students graduating every year, what we find lacking in them is the absence of finishing touches on the basics of electronics that they have learned during their course period.

QSoCs is aimed to create a skilled work force for semiconductor industry by providing training on various requirement areas like design, verification and implementation of Indian semiconductor industry.


QSoCs is formed with a collective motto of creating a skilled work force for the VLSI industry. This initiative is well beyond business with a vision, to explore,expand and enrich in the field of semiconductor designs, by providing the best quality resources and solutions.


We believe in the slogan "Quality First" and we do follow that. At QSoCs, we assure you the best quality training, the best quality trainers and best of the industry demo workshops.


We are committed to the industry in delivering a skilled and well trained work force to them. We are keen in meeting their expectation by providing a bench of well trained, skilled, and focused group of people. At the same time we are committed to our students in providing the high- grade quality training, current technologies and next generation thoughts. We at QSoCs, are committed to ensure that each and every individual who finishes from our institution are productive and proactive in every aspect.


We have a flexible and technologically- advanced learning environment that is safe, healthy, comfortable, aesthetically- pleasing, and well accessible. We are able to accommodate specific space and equipment needs of the training program and curriculum. We have even seamlessly integrated support spaces geared toward adult needs, such as a business station that allows students to carry out some business functions during their training sessions.


QSoCs is rich with its well qualified and well experienced trainers. All of our trainers are working professionals with more than 8 years of experience in their respective domains. QSoCs also has a long list of industry experts who will be serving us as visiting faculties for interactive sessions during the course period. At QSoCs, each and every class room session will be followed by hands on sessions in lab, under the guidance of experienced trainers. Our pool of trainers consists of system architects, methodology specialists, design crackers and system analysts. We offer you top- grade quality training from the foremost available trainers in the industry.