Workshop Programs


Full time/Hourly based


1- 3 Days Based on Assignments


As per requirement.

Workshops on Advanced VLSI aims to bring together the active researchers, academia, scholars and professionals in VLSI domain to present the latest developments, efforts and their achievements. The motivation is to identify and collate the new techniques, algorithms and implementation for improving the VLSI circuit performance and VLSI CAD Tool sets. Workshop programs are conducted on request from colleges or universities. We conduct this program both as in-house as well as out-door assignment.

Key Features

  • Fully customizable modules.
  • Workshops conducted by working professionals from industry.
  • Each session followed by a detailed Q&A session.
  • Real time implementation with demo boards.
Our Areas of Expertise
Verification Workshops
  • Universal Verification Methodology (UVM).
  • Coverage Driven Verification with SystemVerilog.
  • Advanced Low Power Design and Implementation
  • System on Chip Verification Techniques.
Protocol Workshops
  • Serial Bus Protocols - USB2.0, USB3.0, SATA, PCIe
  • Memory Protocols - DDR2, DDR3, ONFI
  • Onchip Protocols - AHB, AXI
  • Networking Protocols - Ethernet, TCP/IP, WAP
Soft Skill Development Workshops
  • Personality Development Programs.
  • Corporate Communication Programs.
  • Human Recourses Management Program.

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